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The Birdies, duo of wedding photographers and videographers, is a cocktail of ideas and passions. Creating images is above all a relationship of exchanges in front of and behind the cameras, a human adventure that pushes us, as lovers of the image, to capture as naturally as possible what we observe, to magnify it.


A film buff, he has developed a keen sense of image with a very cinematographic aesthetic during his 12 years of professional experience (including 5 years with the Rugby Club Toulonnais as the club's official photographer and videographer) and personal projects, always around the image. His energy and discretion make him a workaholic, always on the lookout for what surrounds him to capture the movements and the light.


Stripe - Chat - Kaleo - Bd - Gaming - Wind - Jordans - Golden Hour - Audioslave - Squash - Family - Friends - Paintball - John Carpenter - The Office - 135mm - Laully

Image by Kilian Fragu
Wedding photographer in Toulon Var Provence

Talented tattooist, self-taught artist and graphic designer, her sensitivity and talent shine through her photos full of softness. She will know how to capture the details that you miss, behind her glasses, her smile and her benevolence.


Gizmo - Cat - Kaleo - Tattoo - Illustrations - Gaming - Sun - Dr Martens - Golden Hour - Yoga - Family - Friends - David Fincher - Brooklyn 99 - 50mm - Kilian

Wedding info

Why us?

Our vision of marriage is relatively simple: it is an excuse to have an exceptional party, surrounded by friends and family. If that's what you want, then we'll get along fine!

Aside from your better half, images are one of the only material memories you will have of your day. So consider a photographer/videographer as an investment in those memories. To relive this special day, we capture the emotions in a natural way, no pose, no repetition, the important thing is the present, the real. We can work in duo by combining photo and video services: a single contact, two services.

We try to detach ourselves as much as possible from the outdated vision of marriage that the collective imagination may have to give you ours, modern and different, out of time. You want to do things differently? We follow you in your delirium!

Our philosophy

As a duo of wedding photographer and videographer, we are creators of memories, your memories. Capturing your wedding in photos requires constant attention and the ability to recognize the moments, gestures and looks that will remain engraved. From bursts of laughter to tears of joy, we bring to light moments that you do not suspect, without artifice.

In video, we tell your story. We take particular care with the speeches because it is what makes a wedding film more personal. Here again, spontaneity and naturalness are key.

How does it work?

As soon as you contact us, we will set up an appointment to get to know each other and discuss your desires and expectations together.

When everything is set and validated after a final estimate, a contract is given to you, so no bad surprises!

On the big day, we live the day as close as possible to you, remaining as discreet as possible, like your shadows. The only moment when we will interact a little to guide you will be during the couple session, generally during the cocktail. Quiet and intimate moment, we will put you at ease because having a lens pointed at you is not natural for 99% of people!


A deposit of 30% will be requested after validation of the date via a signed contract. Travel included within a radius of 50km (beyond that, it is necessary to count 0,6 € per km + tolls).

Possible displacement in all France and abroad.


The number of photos depends on the wedding, the number of guests etc., but generally we are around 500 photos delivered. As long as there are photos that deserve to be used, we process them and give them to you! It is above all an accompaniment from the beginning to the end.

Delivery of the photos 1 month after the event. The retouching applied is mainly colorimetric.


We propose a short version (about 4min) via a very cinematic editing of the highlights of your day, and a long chronological film of the event (about 15 min) that will take more time on the course of the day, while keeping a certain rhythm and dynamism of a modern wedding film.

Full speeches from family/witnesses/relatives are provided at no additional cost (excluding religious ceremony).

Delivery between 4 and 6 months after the event.

Why offer 4k? Ultra HD will allow you to keep an optimal quality years after the event to relive it in the best possible conditions.